TPF - run down by a car

The accident? happened back on the 7th March, I was crossing a narrow road and a car coming from my right side hit me, the lower leg was forced sideways causing the break with the fragment displaced. I was lucky that a paramedic was coming the other way down the road so I was in an ambulance and in A & E within about 30 minutes. The skin was broken on my shin where the bumper hit my leg but the pain was concentrated in the knee. The radiologist advised me that my leg was broken when I had the first x-ray but didn't know full extent of injury until OS came to see me later, he only said they would probably be operating, I had a CT same evening so they could determine how many pieces were involved and where they all were.

The first surgery was on the Monday three days later but they went back in on the wednesday after an xray showed that the fragments and bone graft wern't quite right. I think they did the second surgery as I made no secret of the fact that I was training for a marathon and as a result they put extra effort into the repair, if your fit then tell them - it might make a difference, I personally think that any displacement should mean surgery. I had a plate and six screws inserted with 22 staples to close it all back up again.

Two surgeries in three days hit me hard, I don't tend to use any form of medication unless I really need it and it showed as it took me 2 - 3 hours after both surgeries to come around and I felt like xyz?! for many hours afterward.

I'll come back to describe the weeks post surgery but worst side effect for me was constipation caused by strong pain killers, I ended up demanding an enema as I found that the intermediate options of slippery liquids etc just didn't work other than to really upset my stomach. On that note it does pass once you cut back on the painkillers.

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