I have arthrofibrosis of my knee due to a bad break and autoimmune issues. Basically, if you read the tutorial by Dr. Noyes I have been there, done that. I have 70 degrees range of motion despite every treatment and surgery available. I really just want to say one thing five years post injury. First a good PT is a must. You can do many things even with the limited range of motion that I have. But it takes hard work and daily attention and practice to build the muscles, like the quads, that want to atrophy. I am 53 years old but I walk with only a slight limp, I'm getting better on stairs, I play ping pong etc. Don't give up. I won't have more surgery unless I have to, but so far my kneecap has stayed in place and I feel a limited amount of pain, and only when I have overdone it. This website is great for the resources and support!

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