These specialist knee surgeons and physiotherapists associated with the KNEEguru are offering secure online consultations and second opinions through our partner site 'Trustedoctor'.









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How the online consultations work

online consultation with knee surgeon


1. On this page, click the name of the surgeon you want to consult. This will take you to his CV page.

2. You will find a link there in capital letters to go through to ONLINE CONSULTATIONS & SECOND OPINIONS.

3. Clicking that link will jump you into the secure platform where the consultations occur, ie the Trustedoctor platform.

4. Create an account. That will allow you to upload details of your story, as well as digital copies of X-rays and  MRI scans, and then view the surgeon's fees for consultations or opinions.

5. Request a consultation. For the meeting, you need a computer with a camera and Google Chrome / Safari internet browsers.