Here is a list of useful resources for patellar patients.

Because the patella is an integral part of the whole muscle-tendon-bone structure that extends the knee, it can be affected by many factors, from the foot up to the lower trunk. Therefore it is difficult to decide what to keep in a website offering an overview of patellar issues. Each of these sites is rather different, but you should get a good understanding of most issues -


Knee Problems: Patellofemoral Disorders - Chester Knee Clinic & cartilage repair centre

This is only part of a 'knee' website, but the patellar information is authoritative and useful.

Knee Problems: Patellofemoral Disorders

A downloadable resource from Chester Knee Clinic

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Review and Guidelines for Treatment

From the American Family Physician - a bit thin on detail, but useful.

Patellofemoral Syndrome

You need to click through several pages to reach all the detail.

Patellofemoral Pain

Some useful rehab exercises.

Anterior Knee Pain in Athletes: Surgical Management"

Somewhat clinical but authoritative.

Review for the generalist: evaluation of anterior knee pain" and also nice overview - two versions of the same article.

Patella primer

Patella Primer

Links to several basic articles on the patella.

Patellofemoral Pain - a course by Ronald Grelsamer, MD

Patellofemoral Pain Course - Dr Grelsamer

A bit dated now, but still an excellent overview.

Patellar Injury and Dislocation

An excellent overview.