Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Practical Surgical Guide

This is a clinical text written by experts for experts, and has over 500 pages of well-indexed detail and is richly illustrated in colour. It is not a beginner's book.

The three editors - Rainer Siebold, David Dejour, and Stefano Zaffagnini - are all well-known amongst their peers and are all listed here on the KNEEguru website on our contact database of knee surgeons. There are many other important knee surgeons who have contributed to the various chapters.

Research into the anatomy and biomechanics of the cruciate ligaments continue to offer new insights, and to influence the design both of the surgical procedure, approach, instrumentation and technique as well as the materials used to repair or reconstruct the ligament itself.

Extra-articular stablisation, augmentation, single-bundle reconstruction and double-bundle reconstruction are all discussed, and put into their proper historical context.

The issues to do with cruciate ligament reconstruction in children and young people whose 'physes' have not yet fused are discussed in some depth.

Importantly, there are two full chapters on rehabilitation.