Knee meniscus tears: everything you need to know to make the right treatment decision

Authors: Frank Noyes and Sue Barber-Westin

e-Book Review

This e-book is from two knee experts, written in a style for everyone to be able to understand the key issues and well illustrated in full colour. It acknowledges the considerable amount of information already available on the internet, but the authors highlight that not all of this is from the pen of knee specialists, who in general are of the opinion that there are still too many menisci being removed unnecessarily (which in young people may lead to arthritis) and every effort should be made to prevent this. Hence this new publication, explaining to knee patients directly all about meniscus tears, so that they seek competent help and do not allow themselves to become an unhappy statistic.

Basic knee anatomy, and the anatomy of the meniscus are covered, and this section is well illustrated in colour. The function of the meniscus is covered in a short chapter, combined with an explanation of the consequences of removing this important structure.

There is a nice concise and illustrated chapter on the way a surgeon would clinically evaluate the knee if he/she suspected a torn meniscus. The different types and locations of tears are discussed, with illustrations, together with an explanation of how the type and location might affect the way in which the meniscus tear can be managed.

A well-illustrated chapter explains all the different management options, both non-surgical and surgical. This is followed by a chapter explaining the frequency and consequences of the meniscus tear being in association with other internal knee damage.

The authors talk about the training of a knee surgeon, and how to determine if your surgeon is likely to be sufficiently experienced to correctly manage your torn meniscus.

The reader is then taken through the many practical issues that need to be addressed prior to surgery and on the day of surgery. Potential complications are discussed. The first week after surgery is also well explained and there is a full illustrated section on the type of rehabilitation exercises you can do on your own.

The authors round up by discussing the outcomes of meniscal procedures, and this is followed by several pages covering frequently-asked questions (FAQs).

Format: e-book