ACL Injury Rehabilitation: Everything You Need to Know to Restore Knee Function and Return to Activity

Authors: Frank Noyes and Sue Barber-Westin

e-Book Review

This e-book is from two knee experts, offering detailed and practical protocols for rehabilitation after injury to the ACL and after ACL reconstruction surgery.

The authors state that the aim of a physiotherapy programme is to "restore normal function in your knee to return to the activities you desire that have been approved by your physician". This should focus on regaining normal range of movement (ROM), dynamic knee stability and athletic ability without harming the healing graft or causing any further problems.

The authors explain in good detail all the factors that influence rehabilitation. They then progress to week-by-week recommendations, detailing the exercises that are relevant to patients with either partial or complete ACL tears. They look separately at situations where surgery is not being undertaken, the period just before any reconstructive procedure and finally the period after ACL reconstruction.

Home exercises, gym exercises and pool exercises are all dealt with and accompanied by clear photographs.

The reader will need to refer to other sources for details of many of the individual exercises (eg KNEEguru A_Z of exercises) but overall this book is a great reference source for the ACL patient and also the physiotherapist.

Format: e-book

ASIN: B009RCO102