ACL Injury: Everything you need to know to make the right treatment decision

Authors: Frank Noyes and Sue Barber-Westin

e-Book Review

This ebook is written by two very experienced authors for the ordinary person with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, to help them to understand the issues and to seek competent help. All chapters are clearly written, and easy to follow. The book starts with an overview of the prevalence of ACL tears and an illustrated section on the basic anatomy of the knee and the cruciate ligaments.

The book briefly discusses what kind of qualification a surgeon should have to be likely to be able to competently deal with an injured ACL. The authors move on to an illustrated discussion of the common clinical tests of knee ligament function and an overview of imaging tests.

A chapter on partial ACL tears is followed by one on complete tears and another on associated internal knee injuries. A further chapter follows on long-term ACL tears, and what kind of chronic issues the surgeon is likely to have to deal with. To complete the overview, the authors discuss those special issues specific to children and teenagers with ALC tears. The different types procedure for ACL surgery and the different graft options are gone into in considerable depth, and the relevant anatomy and the surgical procedure are demonstrated with colour illustrations.

Revision ACL surgery is touched upon for those readers who have experienced failure of a previous ACL procedure. Complications of routine surgery are briefly covered.

There is considerable practical advice on preparations that are essential before surgery and on the day of surgery. The week after surgery is covered in detail and followed by a good basic rehabilitation programme of exercises, all fully illustrated. Finally there is a list of frequently-asked questions, and answers, and a list of references and links to other material.