Cartilage Repair involves various tecniques to restore damaged joint or articular cartilage.

Cartilage repair is an umbrella term for a number of techniques all aimed at helping the joint cartilage to repair a defect.

microfracture ACI mosaicplasty
Microfracture - where a small pick is used to create tiny holes in the damaged area, allow blood and stem cells to enter the area. ACI (autologous cartilage implantation) is an umbrella term for cell-based cartilage repair procedures and there are a number of variations with slightly different materials and/or surgical procedures. Mosaicplasty - larger defects may be managed with a number of smaller osteochondral plugs.
articular cartilage repair
joint cartilage repair
hyaline cartilage repair

A video interview with knee surgeon Peter Thompson regarding cartilage repair options

An interpretation of an article published in the orthopaedic literature in 2012.

Dr Adrian Wilson discusses frankly his own views on ACI procedures.

This is the editor's 'interpretation' of a 2011 publication in the medical journals that gives an overview of cartilage injury, a brief description of current treatment options and outcomes, and a discussion of principles and techniques of MACI.