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Nick's Medial Plica Excision & Fat Pad 15 Months Post Op

Mr Green arranged for me to see Dr Kumar at the Pain Management Clinic at the BirminghamRoyalOrthopaedicHospital...

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Nick’s Medial Plica Excision & Fat Pad One Year Post Op

One year after having had surgery on my right knee on Monday 16th November 2009 and have seen no vast improvements so far apart from no catching anymore on the...

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Nick's Medial Plica Excision & Fat Pad 5 Months Post Op

20 weeks after my surgery back in November 2009 and cannot report any vast improvements so far. I still finding it difficult to squat and kneel down and feeling pain and tightness around the...

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Neuroma Excision and Open Scar Tissue Debridement

"The next step is to schedule surgery." This was the message in an email I received from the doctor's office, after reporting no improvement from the nerve blocks and cortisone shot. I had been having severe nerve pain on the...

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Scar Tissue-Nerve Entrapment......A Second time

If you've been following my stories about scar tissue, you will know that I previously had scar tissue compressing the infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve. This was back in 2005. It was...

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Delee Osteotomy For Patella Baja/Infera and Infrapatellar Contracture Syndrome (IPCS)

"Patella baja and infrapatellar contracture syndrome are one of the worst conditions for a patient to have and for a physician to treat."

These were the words of my first knee specialist doctor.

I was diagnosed with patella baja and...

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Scar Tissue Causing Nerve Entrapment and Compression

Scar tissue can be an insidious fiend.

I've been dealing with scar tissue/arthrofibrosis for 7 yrs. I've had it grow on just about every structure, in my knee. Among the many structures, scar tissue made it's way, to one of my nerves. The...