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Author Topic: Only 90 degree flexion after 7 weeks of ACL reconstruction surgery  (Read 46 times)

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Hello peeps,

I had ACL reconstruction surgery on 16th may 2018. The injury was three years old. The operative procedure followed was:
Diagnostic arthroscopy
Arthroscopy therapeutic with implant right knee
Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction right knee
Knee arthrolysis right
Menisectomy post horn right knee
Soft tissue procedure

Furthermore it was found that i am hyper reflexive and no abnormality was found in brain or the spine. I am having 0 degrees extension right now which is hard to achieve and 90 degrees flexion without pain after 7 weeks as on 12th july 2018. My physiotherapist is saying i am progressing very slowly as my quadriceps contract subconsciously when i try to flex the knee. Currently i am advised to take baclofen 10 mg twice daily for the same but the problem is still persisting. Any advise at this stage will be appreciated.