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Author Topic: is this normal after a meniscectomy?  (Read 71 times)

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is this normal after a meniscectomy?
« on: May 12, 2018, 06:15:10 PM »

I am just over 2 weeks post surgery. Horizontal tear of the medial meniscus. No obvious injury at the time (a year ago), just too much running/cycling during a week off and woke up with a sharp pain, inside knee. This went away after 2 months then back for another 2 but then fine 3 months leading up to surgery. Was debating about getting it done to be honest, but was recommend best for future.

Anyway, since the op, ROM has come back pretty well, and I've built my VMO back somewhat. I can go upstairs fine, down is getting a lot better but walking outside in general is still a no. This is the only thing I'm super frustrated with and holding me back at the moment so would like check if it's 'normal' as such.

The sensation I get is after a few steps the patella/joint feels like almost loose and that it's coming away (dislocation feeling and usually when lifting to go forward). It sometimes causes a click from around the medial incision as well. I find stretching my foot close to my bum for 10 seconds sometimes helps and I can continue walking normally for another 20 seconds, before it comes back again. Therefore, I'm still using one crutch.

Swelling seems okay according to my physio and she's happy with the progress, although there is definitely some swelling/fluid under the 2 incisions. She seems to think I could be back running in 2 weeks, but I really can't see how that's possible given I can't walk confidently yet. I have started cycling (very easy spinning), and no pain when doing so, which I'm happy with.

Does the above sound like any symptoms you've had post surgery?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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