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Author Topic: Tibial Plateau Fracture 6 months ago. 5 degrees short of full extension.  (Read 224 times)

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Had 6 screws and 1 plate installed 6 months ago for TPF.
I Just saw my OS a few days ago for followup, and he is weirdly unconcerned about my suboptimal ROM (98 Flexion, +5 or +6 Extension), after 3 months of PT. During PT, my ROM did not improve more than a 2-3 degrees.

OS never really emphasized the importance of working like mad to regain Extension immediately post surgery, and he never brought up an MUA at any point, until yesterday when he said it is inadvisable for regaining Extension, due to risk of fracture. I'm starting to panic that this is the ROM I will have permanently.

He prescribed MORE PT. But seeing that I have made next to zero progress so far, it seems unlikely  I will suddenly make any progress now that my scar tissue has solidified. It seems futile.

What can I do?? I NEED to have FULL extension.

He is an internationally sought-after 'top surgeon', and the surgery he did was great. But he kept telling me "+4 Extension" is fine, I don't see any limp when you walk."

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This ebook may also help -

Of course, after a fracture, there may be imperfect alignment of the bones contributing to your problem, or some capsular adhesions at the back of the knee.