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Author Topic: Living with a partially torn PCL  (Read 192 times)

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Living with a partially torn PCL
« on: November 21, 2017, 03:26:49 pm »

I fell off my bike five months ago and and landed square on my knee with foot still in the cleat. I have had a pretty miserable time since then :(

My knee swelled up massively and I have not been able to do any sports/gym/training ever since. Every time I do try to do any form of exercise my knee swells up and it is very painful.

I had the results of an MRI scan last week and it seems I have partially torn my pcl. I am also led to believe that my tibia has sunk ever so slightly. According to my Physio it is not a big problem as people can carry on doing sports in some cases without a pcl at all.

My question is - is this actually true? I live for running but I am being told with this injury it may well be beneficial to find some other means of cv.

Does anyone have any advice on living with this type of injury and how long it will be until I can start training again and if I will ever get back to my previous level of fitness.

I am 45 and very active. I do regular half marathons and triathlons and miss doing exercise so much it is really getting me down.

Any words of advice/wisdom would be so grateful.

Many thanks for reading and if you are going through the same sort of thing I really feel for you.