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Author Topic: Fixator on the fractured patella showing under the skin is this normal.  (Read 233 times)

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Would appreciate finding out if this is ok. Fractured my Patella in july this year. had fixator placed around the 5 broken pieces to pull together. September had my plaster removed and one of the wires had peirced my skin . Was admitted immediately had my knee opened up again and the wire was clipped and all points of the hardware bent over. My recovery is going well. Im doing physio at home 3 times a day with some gentle yoga  and I was getting plenty of ROM. Getting out and a bout a bit as slowly wins the race. But as all my swelling has gone down the numbness is going as the nerves seem to be connecting (feels like little spiders crawling under my skin!!!)but now the pain is quite bad when I straighten my leg after air squats. or if I do sitting leg bends then try to straighten. Ive eased of with the amout of exercises. I can walk without sticks with a slight limp. But I cant find much info telling me if the hardware showing under my skin and the pain (only with certain movements feels like pinching.) Is normal and just part of recovery as I have been told it was a nasty fracture and it can take up to a year for full recovery. I am 66 years old femail and was very fit before I tripped up my shoelace while walking my dogs.!!!!

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Re: Fixator on the fractured patella showing under the skin is this normal.
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2017, 05:27:47 pm »
Patellar wires do sometimes break, and sometimes migrate into the joint and out of the skin, but if there is no sign of penetration or infection I would imagine that all that needs to be done is for your surgeon to monitor the situation with serial X-rays. Eventually the hardware will no doubt be removed, especially since it is causing discomfort, but that will be up to you and the surgeon to decide because of course the bones have to fully unite.