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Author Topic: Patella Fracture with Ruptured Quadracepts Repair March 2015  (Read 268 times)

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Patella Fracture with Ruptured Quadracepts Repair March 2015
« on: November 15, 2017, 09:48:10 am »
I underwent a Quadriceps repair right knee in March 2016 following a fall during a soccer game. At the time I was also told I also had a fractured patella. I apparently gained enough thigh strength and Range of movement to be discharged from both the fracture clinic and physiotherapy 6 months after the operation. This was despite me still having a lot of knee pain whilst weight baring and walking. I was told that this would improve. By March 2017 the pain had not improved. My GP referred me back to Physiotherapy who said there was nothing they could do and said I must have osteoarthritis. I disputed this as I did not have it before the injury. I was then referred by to fracture clinic who ordered a MRI scan, The MRI indicated chondromalacia patella Grade 2. in September 2017, The surgeon was now saying that my thigh strength needed improving and sent me back to the same physiotherapist. I am due to see the Surgeon again on November 2017. My issue is that I have read that a fractured patella can lead to chondromalacia patella and that both a fractured patella with ruptured quadriceps tendopn should be treated carefully and that  replacing removing the patella should be considered at the time. I feel that I am now facing the prospect of more open knee surgery to treat the  chondromalacia patella when the patella should have been replaced at the time in March 2017. Do you think I am correct in this assumption?

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Re: Patella Fracture with Ruptured Quadracepts Repair March 2015
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2017, 10:03:20 am »
Chondromalacia patella grade 2 isn't something you normally treat surgically. It is even possible you had this chondromalacia before your quad repair/fractured patella. It is a quite common wear and tear type of damage to the patella cartilage that shows up on many people (without symptoms) over the years. If chondromalacia is your only current problem/damage, conservative treatment like PT will most likely be the best approach.
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Re: Patella Fracture with Ruptured Quadracepts Repair March 2015
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2017, 05:31:14 pm »
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