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Author Topic: Can patellofemoral pain sydrome cause nerve pain?  (Read 482 times)

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Can patellofemoral pain sydrome cause nerve pain?
« on: November 12, 2017, 04:55:05 pm »
I was diagnosed with patellofemoral pain syndrome a few years ago and I went to physical therapy for it. It helped with the pain for awhile but I had to stop going to physical therapy sessions because my insurance only covered it for a short time.

The past few months, I have been having very bad nerve pain, tingling, and burning sensation in my feet that comes and goes. I went to a neurologist for it and all of my tests have been normal so far, I am having an EMG test done next month. I was wondering if my knee pain could be related to the tingling I've been having? Has anyone else with knee pain has experienced this?