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Author Topic: Would this MRI qualify for a bone allograft?  (Read 44 times)

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Would this MRI qualify for a bone allograft?
« on: November 12, 2017, 08:10:52 AM »
Hi, to everyone on the forums. Im new here.
My name is lee. I am from Australia.

I have some bad left knee troubles but lately my right knee has had some problems from a previous bump years ago.

I am wondering from these scans if I should see my doctor to see if this would qualify for a allograft. I am not thinking of taking the surgery but want to know if I should see him or not and if this is the type of thing you would use a allograft for.

You can see in the picture with the red arrow the angle I bumped my knee on. If you could imagine that and my leg bent on a 90 deg angle like sitting position with the arrow still where it is. My kneecap would be in the way and it appears the cartilage where the bruise is is finally turned to a blister. The scan results say.

"EXTENSOR MECHANISM AND PATELLOFEMORAL COMPARTMENT: There is a small area of focal chondral oedema and blistering over the inferior aspect of trochlear groove (Series 4 image 16; Series 6 image 18). There is underlying focal subcortical marrow oedema and sclerosis. No significant chondral defect or chondral wear is seen in the rest of the patellofemoral compartment. Quadriceps and patellar tendons are intact.

JOINT SPACES: Small amount of suprapatellar joint fluid is noted. No popliteal cyst is seen. No discrete intra-articular loose body is identified. "

I think my kneecap is fine but it catches when going over that area pretty bad now, although there is not much pain, its just starting to feel not 100% in there. I wouldnt worry to much but my left knee is worse but I can still walk and jog ok. Just not near 100%in both legs.

I see here this post which seems similar to me. I hope I never get pain or bad pain but want to know my options.
Left knee
- 2005 car crash garde IV lesion lateral femoral condyle
-2011 ACI, chondromalcia type result
-2013 lateral facistectomy of left patella

Right knee
- 2005 bumped on 45 degree angle in sitting position legs at 90 deg. Bone bruise and around 2014 focal blister occured