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Author Topic: Anybody ever had this issue with their scar??  (Read 248 times)

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Anybody ever had this issue with their scar??
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:05:23 pm »
Hi everybody! I am new to this site but I'm so excited to have found you guys!

Here's the back story: This is my original ACL recon scar. I now have another one to the right of this one from my latest recon but that's another story. Anyways, I have been having issues with this scar recently. I had the screw and washer removed in April 2013 and had no issues. The tunnel was not bone grafted.

Fast forward to the past couple of months, the ACL and the surrounding area has changed dramatically for no apparent reason. I have a large protrusion that appears to be scar tissue just to the left of the scar (hard to see in pictures) and the scar has caved in significantly and is turning colors. It is very, very sore to the touch, so much so that I can hardly move my finger across it.

In the picture I have attached, I have had a new issue come up. There are 2 black or very dark purple dots that have come up on my scar and the whole scar has turned purple.

I was wondering if anybody has ever had this issue with their scar(s)? I have asked everyone I can think of, surgeon, athletic trainer, etc. and nobody knows why this is happening. At this point, I am scheduled to have a scope in a little less than a month to open it up and try to see what's causing this.

I would appreciate any similar experiences you may have had or have heard of from others.

Thank you!!
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