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Author Topic: Back of Knee Clicking, Minor Aches, Some Weakness.  (Read 374 times)

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Back of Knee Clicking, Minor Aches, Some Weakness.
« on: October 08, 2017, 06:04:50 AM »
Iím a 56 year old man, athletic for my age, playing in a hardball league. I had meniscus repair surgery in Nov 2012 and ACL replacement surgery in Aug 2013.

Iíve played four seasons since my ACL surgery and things have gone wellógood mobility, no real problems. Three weeks ago, Iím playing center and ball is hit between me and my left fielder. Normally, to cut it off from going all the way to the wall, I would slide (as into a base) to field the ball, then pop up on my legs for the throw.

My fateful decision three weeks ago was to field such a ball standing up because I thought Iíd have to make a quicker throw. I felt my knee catch and some very minor pain and I bounced the throw to the shortstop. Within maybe a few seconds I felt no more pain, but the knee felt a little weaker. I played out the game without incident.

When I got home the knee started hurting more, and I found I couldnít crouch down. The first thing I thought was, uh oh, ACL tear. But after calming down I thought, let's treat it like a sprain and ice and elevate.  By mid-morning next, it felt fine, but I still took two weeks off from games.

I played a week ago with a tighter brace and everything held up. We played our last game of the season two nights ago, and on a ball hit my way I stopped on that leg and felt a catch. I also felt a minor catch later in the game. No pain, although I felt tightness radiating down to my right foot after the first one. That subsided after a minute or so.

Once I got home, I started feeling a prominent clicking in the back of the right knee going up the stairs. I can replicate the click pretty reliably by elevating my body with the front of my right foot. There is no pain with the click.

Since then I have noticed that when I treat my knee normallyówalking, bicycling, general moving aroundóeverything is fine. If I try to stress it in any way, like a normal knee twist, I feel weaker in it, I might get a twinge of pain in the back of the knee which goes away right away, and again I get clicking elevating myself off my right foot.

Iím probably going to see my surgeon and have him give me an assessment, but Iím hoping I can get an idea of what might have happened by someone here who recognizes this situation. Iím hoping to avoid an MRI, but the main thing Iím hoping to avoid is retiring from playing ball.

Any feedback, I really appreciate. Thanks.

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Re: Back of Knee Clicking, Minor Aches, Some Weakness.
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2017, 02:46:53 PM »
Nothing? OK, I guess Iíll pursue other input. Thanks for your consideration.

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Re: Back of Knee Clicking, Minor Aches, Some Weakness.
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2017, 03:37:25 PM »
See your surgeon or Physio for a thorough hands on exam and potentially imaging

Could be almost anything...Meniscus tear? Ligament? Cartilage damage? Arthritis? Muscle imbalance? Or nothing...

Some level of wear and tear or degeneration in the knee could be expected in someone active, of your age and with history of knee surgery (i.e. ACLr). My non medical guess would be a torn degenerate meniscus. See a medic :) and rest completely in meantime so as to not risk making whatever it is worse

Good luck :)
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