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Author Topic: Unlucky needs advice  (Read 267 times)

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Unlucky needs advice
« on: October 07, 2017, 01:30:42 PM »
So on the 29/09/2017, I dislocated my right patella in a hockey game. I had only just returned to play post left knee dislocation in April 2017 (avulsion fracture, complete tear of MPFL, torn meniscus and cartilage) for which I had an arthroscopy in August to clean it all up.

MRI of the right knee found;

1. Patella dysplasia with evidence of a recent patellar dislocation/sublaxation with mild oedema involving the medial patellar facet and extensive oedema along the anterolateral femoral condyle adjacent to the trochlea with a small compression fracture. Large joint effusion, considerable tearing of the medial retinaculum and medial patellofemoral ligament.

2. Normal cruciate and collateral ligaments, normal menisci and normal tibiofemoral cartilage.

3. Moderate chondropathy involving the central ridge of the patella and extending into the lateral facet with areas of delamination.

Anyone who can explain this to me in simple terms, it would be greatly appreciated. Should I be looking to continue with physio as this is the first dislocation of my right knee, or is the multiple episodes in both knees reason enough to seek surgical opinions?

Given the previous MRI of my left did not pick up on the torn cartilage or meniscus I'm not sure I have much confidence in being correctly treated.
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Re: Unlucky needs advice
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2017, 01:38:45 PM »
I'd get a surgical opinion from a patella specialist to understand if there's an anatomical reason for this. There aren't too many around, what country are you in? Might need to travel and pay for an initial private consult. Or go back to the surgeon who scoped the other knee.

Discuss with your physio too of course. 
Were you cleared to play hockey so soon after the surgery?

Good luck
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Re: Unlucky needs advice
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2017, 01:52:24 PM »
Thanks - yes I was cleared. The surgeon who treated my left was very upfront that my left knee has a number of issues (no cartilage behind my patella) that playing might be painful but that it is likely I will need a replacement in 10-15 years anyway so I could play within my pain limits.

I'm in Melbourne, Australia.