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Author Topic: Consecutive Acl issues  (Read 914 times)

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Consecutive Acl issues
« on: October 02, 2017, 03:31:09 PM »
I am 29 year old female with dancing background. I first tore my left knee Acl in Aug 2013 after a tennis injury. I had my ACL reconstructed using Hamstring autoGraft in oct 2013. My recovery went fine. I had a baby and things started to look good. During the Dec'16 holiday party I danced a bit and felt the dreaded instability in my left knee. The MRI diagnosed an Acl graft tear AGAIN.. I was so overtaken by emotion but finally came to terms with it. The graft had been failing overtime and the graft fibers were frayed at the femur end. I had my ACL revision in my left knee with patellar autoGraft in Feb'17. I was recovering fine and rehabbing. I was having some front right knee soreness during PT 4 months post op and the therapist said probably because it has endured through 2 surgeries in the other leg. During one of my PT session in Aug'17 I was doing jumping jacks as part of my strength and agility training when I felt my right knee shift a bit with a crumpling sound and a sudden shooting pain. I collapsed in the nearby chair. My therapist came in and in 5 mins I was able to stand up and walk to the table. He checked my right knee and felt all my ligaments intact but sight swelling which he thought could be I cranked my knee a little. I was not satisfied as I wanted to understand why my knee twisted by itself for no reason. There was a PA nearby and she came in to check and suspected medial meniscus issue. I was asked to check with my surgeon . I took a week break from PT and couldn't see my surgeon right away instead saw his PA. She tested and suspected medical compartment sprain or somethig and she said my ligaments felt fine. I had pain at 90 deg bending but I was able to ease into the position and then bend further with no pain. She didn't want me to take MRI right away as insurance might not approve and asked me to continue conservative PT for 6 weeks. My swelling was moderate and there is still slight swelling and it increases a bit when I exert standing or walking for a while. So 5 weeks post the incident I was so frustrated as to why there was no progress with MRI saw my surgeon finally. He felt the knee ligaments to be stable and suspected a piece of meniscus is floating around and catching . He ordered for an MRI and said if it came out fine he will give me a shot of cortico steroid to calm the moderate inflammation. Had my MRI done last Thursday and got my results on Friday. It states- complete thickness proximal ACL tear and unstable osteochondral flap of 1 cm in the lateral faucet, Valois alignment with slight layers patellar subluxation. I was all emotional again and it's just 7 months out of my second Acl surgery in left and now seeing the dreaded 3 letters in my report for right has made me feeling horrible. I am seeing my doctor today and my questions are why does this keep happening ? And why did they not find out issues with ligament earlier and made me wait? Even if I'm going to undergo this surgery how would it impact my left knee as it's still recovering? There seems to be no guarantee that this will end..Anybody going through similar issues ? Any support will be nice.


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Re: Consecutive Acl issues
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 09:48:12 AM »
Hi Padmini,

You have had some difficult knee issues indeed. How are you doing now? How did your meeting with the doc go? What did he say?
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Re: Consecutive Acl issues
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2017, 09:03:53 PM »
Jumping jacks? 7 months after a SECOND ACL recon? Omg RUN from that crap. Strike that. WALK SWIFTLY. I would have laughed in their face if they told me to do jumping jacks under those conditions. We are just not 17 years old with Gumby bodies anymore.

Why does everyone seem to be following the Adrian Peterson recovery model these days? This just is not realistic.

Sorry but sounds like your PTs aren't that competent really. It is true that the knee can swell to protect itself but a torn ACL can be pretty easily diagnosed by simple hand manipulation of the leg or a few standing tests. That is just ridiculous that they waited that long.

Also, after an ACL loss or recon, you should be braced up for a while to protect that graft for a pretty good time after. I won't be doing any cutting, pivoting, hopping, dancing (being that that includes almost all of those) without my functional ACL brace for a very long time. If I tore my ACL again I would never have another reconstruction....E V E R. I would just do situps and push ups - do some yoga and call it a day.

And, having babies makes us more prone to injury too. Sucks but that's the breaks. No pun intended.

Please brace your knees and watch out what surfaces you are dancing, hopping, on etc. Please tell your PT to slow the H down. It may be the surgeon's "protocol" but that is all hogwash meant to make them look like the fabulous GODS they think they are. You are not a pro-athlete and there is no rush to have everything zipped up in 7 months.

Good luck.

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