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Author Topic: My right knee story  (Read 232 times)

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My right knee story
« on: September 12, 2017, 01:51:30 PM »
Hello everyone!
So let' start from the beginning I'm 26 year old man form Serbia who injured right knee 3 times during playing volleyball.l m doing sport actively played lot of beach volleyball after started doing crossfit  but mainly olyimpic weightlifting  and gymnastics.

2015 summer  injured my knee during a volleyball game while l went out for  a left side block ,when l wanted to jump something happened ,my leg stuck to the floor and heard some cracking noise.
2-3 months later it seemed to be ok so l started weightlifting again.I felt a little pain under patella and a constant crack when l squatted deep but without any pain .So l continued lifting.
2016 summer (year later)  injured my right knee again in a beachbeach volleyball game l wanted to receive a low ball so l kneeled down ,my right knee was on the ground  and rotated a little bit on the left to get the ball .Iheard and felt cracking and every other horrible sound and things .Couldn't bend my knee l felt massive pain under my patella as remembered when l wanted to bend after few our maybe not even an our l could even move it not a little bit.
After 3-4 days it started to get better l could slowly bend it took around a week to get back the almost normal ROM.8 days after the injury l went to and MRI where the diagnosis said everything is OK.
Maybe 2-3 weeks after the injury l started training again so it was really a quick thing but the pain under the patella was now a little bit more intense.
By the way l only felt the pain when l was around 70-100 degree, so l didn't do much power position lifts only full lifts so it was ok.
At this point l had so much problem with me knee ,but my egowouldn’t  let me admit and seek for help ,and l was progressing really good .Everybody told me to stop playing volleyball and l knew it l had to stop but few months later l started playing again . The taste of a good spike...
And here it comes the 3rd injury.2017 February 27  2 day tournament and on  the second day it happened again it was exactly the same like it was 2nd time wanted  to receive a low ball kneeled down right knee on the floor, ball was on the left ,little rotation and crack.
l though everything is alright 2-3 weeks and l’m coming back from this again like it was the second time,
but guess what
Again couldn't bend my knee, but now this stage took for like 2-3 weeks . Had so much problem with it.
When l wanted to turn left a little bit quicker something popped inside felt  pain and couldn’t bend it again for few hours maybe a day . So l walked around only turning right .The pain under patella now was intolerable .The doctor in my country said l got joint and cartilage damage , and this will stay like this.

l went home on the same day to Senta (50 km away ofc not by walking).
When l woke up after the surgery l saw there is no dren in my knee so the first thing in my mind was, ok l will go home today so l ask them about it had to do a few signing ,payed what l have to pay and they let me home at 6 pm on own responsibility.I had 90 degree flexion  even more . They said l can start the rehabilitation  , and 10 days after surgery l have to go back to control examination and for a satural remove
So l went back to my home town rest on the weekend, and on Monday l went to the rehabilitation where the doctor said come back when there is no sature and thread inside  you.l was like ok  now l m little bit confused but ok l will wait . So next week Tuesday l went back to Sun-city where they remove the satural , but l already felt something what is not good.There was a pain outside me knee where the vastus lateralis starts just above my kneecap and of course some swelling. The doc said it is normal it will go away and the pain takes about 6 weeks.
So the rehabilitation started it seemed they didn't even know what kind of surgery they did on me, l mean they had no clue about what is a lateral release,on my paper they wrote laescio meniscus and the therapy begin.
My mother asked a local rehab therapist to take care about me, he works in the hospital and he works too in private .On the first consultation l asked him about how much do l have to pay for this, he said nothing he will do it coz he knows my family.l got Ultrasound ,Laser and Electricity and of course some exercise.(Leg raises on every angle etc..)  he said l can go swim, l can move a lot in the water, we have  a river here ,so almost everyday l was on the beach, was in the water walking , sat even swam a little. On the 3 week l started swim so this was more than 4 weeks post the surgery l swam a little bit more (4 km) In breast stroke with the breast stroke leg too . By the way this was the only type of swimming where l didn't feel any pain at all in front crawl(freestyle there was a pain when l kick and lets not talk about butterfly l can forget that forever l think).So Monday l went to rehab and he asked if I had swam l answered yes. I told him how much l swam and then he started swearing on me and he said why we doing this and "Get out of my sights!" things like this.l continued going on rehab did the exercises,he said , stop doing sport especially he and everybody was angry that l do weightlifting  everybody was blaming that for the injuries . I did ask them to send me to a specialist but they don' want to.
So l went to an other country (Hungary) for help .By the way l live in Serbia l was born here, but l'm Hungarian.
l met one doctor paid for a private consultation we talked about lot of things but first l had to do a new MRI . He talked about and MPFL reconstruction or a lateral release we talked about prices etc.
So l did the new MRI and there was a few bad things . They found an  1x1 cm cartilage damage under my patella.
And my lateral meniscus had a little tear .And my patella was a little bit out of position so the doc said we going to  do an artoscopyc surgery + a latteralrealese.
On 2017 July 7Friday morning the surgery was done in the Orthopedic Clinic Szeged(Sun City-Hungary )
They found a few more things inside my Half of my ACL was gone this was not seen non of the MRI and it was negative on any of the orthopedic tests (pivot-shift and the others)l m pretty sure this happened on the first trauma because there l felt some really bad thing like something  shoot down my leg or something ripped of my leg l remember l even looked down and checked  is my leg still on the place in, the middle of the jump .They took out the piece of cartilage what you can see on the picture above and had a grade 2 chondropathia what they shaved.They fixed the meniscus  and did the lateral release.
l can start doing half squats. ltried them and sprain my exactly where the swelling was and where the pain was above patella at the vastuslateralis.He dindn't watch me a single time while l was in the rehab gym didn't check a single exercise or session when l was there so,basically he just said some random stuff gave me random exercise based on what they usually gave to people with knee problemsl can imagine. At this part l asked another therapist who gave me 23 exercise involved lot of straight leg strengtheninghip-raises,gluteraises, and half squats ,half squats holds, springs (l don't know how they call them this is when you move down and little and up before you want to jump) this was the most painful,especially under my patella like it was before. The problem was when l did these exercise l have to cheat on the other leg because there was pain under my patella,and the biggest problem is pain at the vastuslaterlais where the swelling is.Everybody said on the rehab its normal it will go away bla-bla but l know that this is not normal, had lot off injury l know the healing process ,or l know them good enough, but this thing was almost the same at this point like l  just woke up after surgery on the bed .
So l could squat down with a very little pain maybe some strain inside my knee but sometimes there is nothing.So the deep squat position don't give me much complication.The problem is when l want to get up and my quads activates, the pain is so intense,located where the swelling is (beginning of vastuslaterelis) that l can't move it, if l keep constraining it l tear it again l feel something like that, and yep still pain under patella like it was before . My leg is still swelled l can feel it l can even see it .And l can feel the strain when l want to bend my knee , when l want to pick up socks or shoes .The strain outside is still there and wont get any better.
I had 25 therapy that's 5 week , but on the 23 th,this was the 7 th week post-surgery, l went to the doctor, the local orthopedic  who didn't help me first time ,but l had to visit somebody , and l was there for like half on hour, this was on august 23.
He checked me and said there is a scar inside which didn't healed yet where the lateral release was made this causes the pain at my vastuslateralis.He said l can't do nothing can't even ride to much bicycle can't bend my leg to much it have to heal .He said the rehabilitation was not good wrong exercises and don't even continue it ,only the straight leg exercises. He said he would not do the lateral release etc.(First of all he didn't want to do nothing but alright)He said l have takehyaluron-acid capsules and when the 3 month passes after the surgery l have to go and do another MRI ,but ask for a detailed review ,and if it's not going to be better he will send me to a knee specialist.
So now l m waiting ,going to sleep everyday hoping that when l wake up in the morning l feel that I'm a little bit better, but nope its just the same .I really miss the Snatches:(.
6 months can't jump ,cant squat , can't run...
Do you think guys  that something went bad at the surgery or the rehabilitation time or l screwed it up when l strained it few times? l really hope that this will not stay like this forever.     -picture from the cartilage piece under my patella.     -picture after they removed and shaved it.

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Re: My right knee story
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2017, 09:31:47 PM »
yikes!...from the sketchy surgeons to the awful physical therapy, that sounds like a never ending disaster. 

Even at a relatively young 26 yo, your cartilage is so damaged, it'll probably never heal even close to 100%.  At that age, I imagine it's going to be very difficult to suppress your natural athletic drive...but you should really stop doing anything that hurts and allow your body to heal the best it's going to (this could take several years). 

Unless you get some really drastic cartilage replacement procedure, you may only be able to swim, walk or other low impact activities as exercise for the rest of your life...but, hey, that's better than not being able to walk at all.
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8/16: cortisone jab (no effect)
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4/18: Pain finally diminishing. 65% function.