Author Topic: Meniscus Re-tear?  (Read 71 times)

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Meniscus Re-tear?
« on: September 09, 2017, 04:03:14 AM »
Hey everyone,

I've been in a terrible mood the past few days because of a possible re-injury to my meniscus. I had a later menisectomy 4 months ago and my SO trimmed the torn part of the meniscus. 3 month later I wasn't 100% pain free as I still had some discomfort and it just didn't feel the same. However, I slowly started getting back into sports and being active. 4 days ago, I played basketball a bit more competitively, and didn't have any pain or discomfort. I woke up the day after with a swollen knee and some pain in the lateral part of the meniscus. The swelling and the pain has gone down a bit the past few days, but the pain is similar to the pain I had pre-op, although far less. The area is still warm to touch. Was wondering if anyone had a similar experience? What are the chances I retore my meniscus?