Author Topic: I took the plunge, Lateral Meniscus Transplant + OATs  (Read 74 times)

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I took the plunge, Lateral Meniscus Transplant + OATs
« on: August 09, 2017, 04:26:59 PM »
FYI after much deliberation and then months on a donor list, I went ahead at the beginning of July with a LMT and OATs plug for my lateral compartment of my right knee.  Performed by Tim Spalding at Warwickshire Nuffield, UK.

As a reminder I had a very thin rim of meniscus remaining (part of one horn lost) from two previous surgeries.  I am 34YO male, 5'11", 80KG, always been fit.  Had remaining meniscus removed and replaced with a donor flown across from the US.  Also had a single 8mm diameter plug from my own trochlea, into my femur (the area that taken weight at 20-30deg bend).  It was commented that I had grade II thinning on a 20mm diameter area of both my femur and tibia.  It is hoped that the replacement meniscus better protects those thinned surfaces going forward.

Very early days, rehab has not been pailful but has been very inconvenient. Am gingerly able to walk pain free but not with a full gait.  Am wearing a DonJoy unloader brace that was provided for free with the procedure.  Will likely get something custom in the future.

I'll update when I have significant news to provide.  Hopefully this is helpful to people.  It will be something like a year or even two to see whether I am in a better situation than I was before.  I do have perhaps unrealistic aspirations of returning to competitive sport, its has been done once before on a mid 20s patient of Tim's who with the same procedures returned and still plays professional rugby.

I will persevere and try to do everything right, lifestyle permitting.

Partial Lateral Meniscectomy (2/3 removed), pristine articular cartilage...2013
Return to impact sport, continual responsive swelling ever since
Mild pain onset..2016
Arthroscopy reveals grade 2/3 articular cartilage damage lateral compartment behind kneecap
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