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Author Topic: Knee swelled up after my leg got bumped while it was straight (PLS ANSWER!!)  (Read 1083 times)

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I am just about 6 months post op after getting the acl reconstrunsruction surgery. Recovery has gone pretty smoothly up until now. 2 weeks ago I was standing and someone fell into my knee and pushed it backwards. There was no pop and it didn't hurt that day but it swelled up quite a bit and was quite sore the next day. My PT says it's just irritated but it has been 2 weeks since and my knee almost feels a bit worse. Could i have retorn?
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Your PT is probably right, but maybe you should contact your OS and have him/her check it, just to be on the safe side. 
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Oh NOOOOOOO I wouldn't give a dad gum what the PT said. If someone bumped my leg and it hyper extended backward (which is what it sounds like you are describing) I would have that puppy MRIed ASAP. I'm sorry to sound alarming but I have heard at LEAST a dozen stories about people re-snapping the graft at 6 months out or given that it went backward, could have been another ligament. This is just my opinion but if you haven't had an MRI since the recon anyway, may as well. Hope all turns out ok. I totally understand your worry. I protect my graft like it's the freaking Hope Diamond!
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If it is not feeling unstable, it may be ok, but it is worth calling your surgeon and just letting him/her know.