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Author Topic: Arthrofibrosis after tibial eminence fracture - seeking for help  (Read 720 times)

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Hi all,

First of all let me introduce myself, I'm  Michael from Israel,  I'm  39 years old, I'm  a communication engineer.
I jwant  to emphasize that this community is the only hope for me, great people that knows what hell we are going through every minute of the day for a long period.

My life changer  strory began on January 23:

On 23.01.2017, I broke my tibial eminence with type 3 fracture.
Sadly, I was treated initially with plaster for almost 5 weeks and then I had a fixation surgery without reduction, after the surgery I stayed with a plaster for almost 2 weeks and then started PT for almost 2 months. My rom was l very poor 15 for extension and 75 for flexion.
My surgeon and my second and third opinion recommended mua with loa.
2 months ago I went down again, loa with mua, my surgeon
Was honest  and he told me that on the operation  table my best rom he can achieved was 5 degrees of extension  and 135 of flexion.
 I'm now 10-15 degrees from  full extension and 125 of flexion(135 with  pain after intensive PT) and till today I'm  using cds brace  for extension and cpm for 2 hours, also still elevate and icing as my knee is still warmer 1-2 degrees then my good leg.
My rehab followed by steadman specialists recommendation  (Millett) that I found on this site.

I'm  trying to find AF specialist here in Israel,  but it seems that no one is experience enough.

Does anyone familiar with good AF specialist from Israel?
What are my options?

Please help me, I'm desperate!
 I lost my job, my body, my life in that dark black day.
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Re: Arthrofibrosis after tibial eminence fracture - seeking for help
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  Anybody  :'( ?

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Re: Arthrofibrosis after tibial eminence fracture - seeking for help
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Arthrofibrosis is a complication rather than a subspeciality, so there probably aren't any experts just some surgeons who've had some experience or knee experts in complex cases who may receive referrals

Perhaps you can have a chat with a couple of the pre-eminent knee specialists in Israel and see if they can help or recommend someone

You can search here for some recognised on the KG site

Others, perhaps travel to the US to the Steadman clinic but that will cost an extremely large amount of money unfortunately

Good luck - unfortunately a knee that has been fractured or operated on often isn't ever the same again but that doesn't mean it can't be good enough for daily function.  Hope you find some help, maybe seek out some psychological support (maybe from a pain management team if pain is also an issue)

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