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Author Topic: Peroneal nerve release along with 4 compartment Fasciotomy  (Read 1039 times)

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Any of my friends out there ever had chronic extertional surgery (CECS)? Or peroneal nerve release? I start pt next week and i have a 4 or 5 week appt coming up.

Feb 13th 2017 I had surgery in my left leg for all four compartments released along with moving my peroneal nerve to a more normal path. Doc said it was a little high and sitting on my tib bone. . My question/concern is I'm 3 1/2 weeks out and I'm having really bad pain on the sole of my foot. Any thoughts about that? I have walked with a crook in my knee for 2yrs. I'm a little surprised I still can't bare weight that well!

If you've had either one of these procedure maybe you share your story!