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Author Topic: Arthrofibrosis...Its been years since I have been here and looking for some info  (Read 876 times)

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Hello all

This is Kim from years ago (kdhfrank). I had my knee debrided for arthrofibrosis by Dr. lindenfeld at Cinn. Sports Medicine in 2000. I have done relatively well through the years although I have given up all high impact sports such as tennis which was my mainstay late 90s. I have almost full flexion of left knee. Original injury: bad scope, MUA resulting in rupture of patellar tendon and massive arthrofibrosis which sent me to Dr. Lindenfeld in Ohio who gave me my life back. I stay fairly active with dragon boating and riding a stationary bike every day with a brace. I have chronic discomfort which I have always had. I have noticed a change over the past year and I can no longer go down stairs easily and could not do any hikes that required a climb while in Yosemite in 11/2016. I have been followed by general knee surgeon who I really like at Penn State in Hershey but he feels I need to move on to a higher level of care as my knee has severe osteoarthritis. I know I am complicated and I only want a surgeon who will take a vested interest in my story and has the skill and competence to handle my knee as I head towards a total knee. I need some guidance on who to see close to where I live (outside Philly). I am at a dead end on finding someone although I can go back to Dr. Lindenfeld as they take my insurance. That is what I will ultimately do if I cant find someone who is closer to me. Any thoughts?


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Hi Kim,

Sorry you are again having troubles.   I was interested in your post because I'm in a similar situation.   I had a LOA in 2006 in SC.  I regained full ROM and eventually the damaged nerve regrew.  Within the last 6 months, stairs have become a real challenge,  both ascending and descending.  I am currently looking for an OS who can handle my case.  For me, things are complicated by being on Medicare & Medicaid.  Best wishes in finding someone.

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