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Treatment Options for Patella Tendonitis
« on: February 16, 2017, 07:30:09 PM »
As a long term suffer of patella tendonitis I can share my own experiences of a condition that not only physically demanding it also a mentally stressful as there no permanent straight forward fix. I have been battling on to try and resolve my chronic form of patella tendonitis that hard to get right again. It can end a professional athletic career when I spoke to my OS about having the condition and can only ease the pain and discomfort with physio exercises.

My chronic tendinitis started after two arthroscopies on my right knee. Scope #1 was a diagnostic arthroscopy and had medial plica excision and fat pad trimming in November 2009. it took 18 months to fully recover from the surgery. I was able to run at a competitive level long distances until I slipped on ice in January 2013 and not been able to run since. I had scope #2 in July 2014 that looked on my MRI scan that I would require microfracture surgery only to wake up having Anterior release surgery.

Scope #1 caused excessive build up of scar tissue with lots of scar tissue removed around the patella tendon. Since scope #2 it putting strain once again on my patella tendon, I have recently been diagnosed with right hip impingement. It might have been a long term pre existing condition problem that had been speeded up walking with a limp putting strain onto my right hip.

Treatment options that are currently available should be conservative treatment methods, never resort to surgery unless it absolutely essential. Most OSís will try none invasive ways to hopefully fix or ease the pain and discomfort around the patella tendon.

The most obvious way to try and ease or if you are lucky fix the patella tendonitis is finding a Sport Physiotherapist that I find are better at sorting out knee injuries than standard physiotherapist. Increasing the quadricep muscles that is also helpful if you have maltracking problems. Making the muscles stronger will lift the kneecap slightly so you feel less anterior knee pain and discomfort.

If that does not work cortisone injections can help some patients with patella tendonitis and not for others that increases the risk of rupturing of the patella tendon. I had 3 injections in one year, I found it did not benefit my patella tendonitis.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, sometimes called PPR is not an option to consider if you have patella tendonitis that many OS are totally against!  It increases problems rather than ease patella tendinitis. It can increase scar tissue build up after reading OSís online articles about treatment methods for patella tendonitis.

Mr Willis Owen has had personal experiences of patella tendonitis. He thinks highly of using ESWT that may or may not improve patella tendonitis with some useful information on his link below.

Mr John Hardy is the OS that came up with this procedure called ĎArthroscopic Confluence Coblation Surgeryí that should not be mixed up with Arthroscopic Infrapatella Pole Surgery that is likely to make the knee worse rather than better. This type of surgical procedure is less invasive with a high success rate in the healing of chronic cases of patella tendonitis.

Quote from Mr John Hardy web link.

Mr Johnson an OS based in Bristol OS has operated on professional sports men and women that have chronic patella tendonitis by performing patella decompression surgery. My OS says he will perform patella decompression surgery if PT and ESWT does not fix my patella tendonitis, this is now looking likely to happen at some point in 2017 that is a high risk and big gamble!

Hope my links and sharing my own personal experiences will be useful informative information about patella tendonitis or Patellar tendinopathy / Jumpers knee There have been an increase in postings from members with patella tendonitis so now is a good time to share with everyone that are suffering from patella tendonitis.

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Re: Treatment Options for Patella Tendonitis
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2017, 02:37:31 PM »
Dear Clarkey,

Recently I have been diagnosed with patellar tendinopathy. My case is quite atypical because the main cause of my condition is a tibial IM nailing surgery which I had 6 months ago due to severe farcture of both tibia and fibula. IM nail is placed inside tibia through knee, patellar tendon is cut along and then sutured. It's been 2 months since my symptoms started. 

First I tried doing some excercises because my leg muscles are weak, then I took NSAIDs which helped but in a short run.

My OS recommened 5-6 sessions of ESWT over next 5-6 weeks, which I start tomorrow, and limit physical activity to walking only to let my tendon heal. He himself had ESWT therpay for tennis elbow and speaks highly of results.

Did you have your ESWT treatment? How was it? Any improvement?

I will share my experience.