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Author Topic: Physical Therapist forces knee to bend 90 degrees (ACL Surgery 1 1/2 wks post )  (Read 844 times)

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I'll give you a little background information about myself. I play Division 1 soccer and 2 months ago (November 7, 2016) I tore my ACL, meniscus, damage to my articular cartilage, and small bone bruise. After aggressive rehab, I regained full range of motion and was walking with normal gait pattern. I got surgery 6 weeks later. I received two nerve blocks (tibia and femoral) prior to the operation. After surgery I was told that my meniscus was healing nicely so there was no need for him (the surgeon) to touch it, and I could weight bear as tolerated. I got home and kept my knee completely straight for 6 days in the knee brace ( with no rehab or exercises). The femoral nerve block didn't wear off for three days. SO stiff didn't even describe what my knee was felt like. I began rehab four days ago, and my physical therapist has had me in tears. I've had her (the physical therapist) four the last four days and she keeps telling me "We have to bend it. We have to get you to 90." She lays me on my stomach and forcefully bends my knee to what feel like 180, and I sit there in excruciating pain. I've even told her she is hurting me, and I don't think I am suppose to be in this much pain. She just looks at me with an upsetting expression and says "I've rehabbed over 50 athletes with this injury, and they are all in pain, but they get through it." I looked at her like she was crazy, I'm an athlete I know what pain is (I'm talking 9 out of 10 pain). Today she had me clutching my knee in agony because she bent it so hard and so fast off a table, I almost slapped her. The pain was so unbearable, I thought I would pass out right then and there. (No exaggeration) It felt like she took a knife and plunged into my operated knee. I couldn't even continue rehab, I told her to get the heck away from me and I went home in pain.

Im now sitting here in pain and I would really appreciate advice on what to do. Should I go back to this therapist, she was assigned to me by the athletic department.Has anyone ever experience this kind of pain post op? If, so I feel like I should just suck it up and go through with it.

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Hi, i was bent to 90 the day after the surgery, but It didnt really hurt unless i was not relaxed. after That i just kept It at That; until week 6, when they started to 'force' It and little by little , progressivelly, i gainée almost full flexion. I would say try sitting down In your bed, totally relaxed; and bent It with your hand to 90, slowly, It shouldnt hurt to much. Go little by little and dont allow anyone doing whats so painful, change the fysio. My surgeon said the extension Is much more important to gain, flexion Will Come with daily activities and with time.