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Author Topic: what does osteoarthritis due to recurrent lateral meniscus tears feel like?  (Read 6384 times)

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i'm 27 and have had 3 arthroscopies on the lateral meniscus of my right knee since 05. i'm a little knock-kneed so i guess that's why i keep tearing it from sports. after post-op of my last surgery, the dr. said i have osteoarthritis due to articular cartilage damage and there's nothing more he can do beside injections like euflexxa.

so my question is, how exactly is it supposed to feel? aside from my knee getting sore after playing basketball or exercising too much, my knee sometimes feels like it clunks out of place. say if i'm lying in bed on my stomach and when i move my knee while it's bent up, it feels like it moves out of place with a lot of pain, and won't go away unless it clunks back in position. this also happens when i'm sitting down, as long as the knee moves when it's semi flexed.

my dr. says it's the joint gliding in and out of the area where the meniscus was removed. it sounds about right but is that so?
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If a person is bowlegged, then they take most of their weight on the inside (medial compartment) of the knee.  If a person is knock kneed, then they take most of their weight on the outside (lateral compartment) of the knee.

If a person is knock kneed, and have had three arthroscopies to remove their lateral meniscus, the likelihood of arthritis is 100%.

If such a person is too young for a joint replacement, the fix, it to cut the bone and realign the leg so the axis is neutral of slightly bow legged, rather than knock kneed.

In good hands, such a patient spends one night in the hospital and about six to eight weeks on crutches.