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So I've been on this enzyme, Vitalzym, for about five weeks now, 15 pills per day. It's an all vegetarian, natural product, digests easily, and I must say that I AM feeling a bit looser! The swelling in the muscles around the knee has definitely gone down. It was so bad, the leg couldn't bend past 70 degrees; now I am at 94. Couldn't straighten past 15 degrees, now I am down to 4! My walking is still worrisome, but I feel some improvement. Apparently the idea behind the enzyme is that the body makes a certain type that prevents scar tissue when one is younger to prevent said scar tissue from forming when a bone is broken, etc. so the growth of the body can continue. When we are at our full height, the body ceases the production of the enzyme, and begins to form scar tissue if an injury occurs. This enzyme, discovered in the intestine of the silk worm (!) is good for swelling, detoxification, and, most importantly in my case, the actual eating of scar tissue!

Now I cannot say that my improvement is ALL due to the enzyme; I have been diligent about doing yoga, stretching, walking, etc., so that is contributory I am certain. But the swelling, which was appreciable, is absolutely smaller, and my knee feels looser. I have just ordered my next bottle of 450, and will stay on it, as the sales-rep told me it takes anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to work completely, so why give up now?!

Will keep everyone advised. But a bit of progress is better than none at all!!!!!


Bottles of 450 caps? I just saw bottles of 180 or 360....where did you found them?
Thank you

That's great progress  ;D  ;D - both flexion and extension. Thanks for sharing this information with us. It's very encouraging!

dstarz: is where I bought mine.

By the by, I am a TRUE sufferer; don't work for the company at all. The site just had the best price for the most capsules. Good luck!

rob wilson:
I just starting taking serrapeptase 360,000 serrapeptase units per day. I notice my knee inflammation is down already in 4 days!!!
That is 6 pills per day.
Source Naturals 500 mg or 60,000 serrapeptase units per pill
It is hard to believe it has helped or worked so fast?


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