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Author Topic: MRI results, questions  (Read 2596 times)

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MRI results, questions
« on: July 30, 2010, 01:01:09 AM »
Finally got the whole MRI report, I understand most of it (thanks to this web site!) but have parts I don't fully understand. The stuff I don't get is in caps (I'm not shouting! lol!) Findings: No gross evidence of meniscal tearing. acl and pcl are intact. The EXTENSOR MECHANISM  (my quad attatchment site?) as well as medial and lateral collateral ligament compexes are grossly unremarkable.There is mild to moderate chondromalacia of the patella with SIZABLE FULL FISSURING CHONDRAL DEFECT SEEN AT THE PATELLAR APEX AS WELL AS ALONG THE MEDIAL PATELLAR FACET with some underlying SUB CHONDRAL edema and CYSTIC CHANGE. No medial or lateral compartment chondromalacia. NO OTHER AREAS OF ABNORMAL BONE MARROW. ( where is the abnormal bone marrow?) There is a small knee joint effusion. Small Bakers cyst is noted showing evidence of partial rupture.
 Impression: 1. mild to moderate chondromalacia. 2. Small knee joint effusion, small associated Bakers    cyst is noted. The cyst shows evidence of rupture. 3. No evidence of meniscal or collateral ligament abnormality. I have Fibromyalgia so a lot of my pain I just ignored, but when I could hardly kneel or squat, and stairs were torture I finally went to the Doc. X-rays were normal. (dx was runners knee) She gave me a list of exercises and stretches to do,  I did them faithfully everyday, slowly worked up to more reps, but my knees were getting WORSE! (ok, now I'm shouting LOL) I stuck to it for 8 weeks, but when I could not fully bend or straighten my rt leg, could not squat or kneel at all and my rt knee got to be 2" bigger than the left I stopped doing the exercises and got the MRI done. I don't see the Ortho Doc untill Aug 9.   

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Re: MRI results, questions
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2010, 01:54:52 PM »
Just to remind you I am not a doc so this is my interpretation of the results.

I am quoting the following website for the extensor mechanism

“The extensor mechanism of the knee consists of the quadriceps muscle group, quadriceps tendon, patella, patellar retinaculum, patellar ligament, and adjacent soft tissues.”

The site has some good anatomy info too.

SIZABLE FULL FISSURING CHONDRAL DEFECT SEEN AT THE PATELLAR APEX AS WELL AS ALONG THE MEDIAL PATELLAR FACET – the cartilage under the patella from the point (midline) to along the medial or inner side of the kneecap is frayed and fissured (cracked – often called crab meat ‘cause that is what it looks like in a scope).

SUB CHONDRAL – below the cartilage

CYSTIC CHANGE – not sure, but may be calcifications (bone spurs?) starting?

The abnormal bone marrow is probably related to the sub chondral edema.

Hope this helps, and I am off on anything hopefully someone will correct me.
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8/5/09 - TTT, LR, PFJR sched.

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Re: MRI results, questions
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2010, 08:59:53 PM »
So now what? do I keep doing leg exercises to keep my legs strong? Only do exercises that are pain free? My job is an active one, (dog trainer, show handler) I have to get down on the floor when teaching class. When showing dogs I have to kneel and run, not long distance or full out, but it's still  running.  I own a Dog Day Care / Boarding Kennel and I walk around on concrete most of my day. I do some desk work and when I first get up I am stiff and sore, but it is not just my knees, its all of my lower body. (thank you *[email protected]#!! Fibromyalgia.) I have large "knots" in my legs from muscle spasms, one of which sits right where the quads attach.  I think the spasms are part of my knee problem. I get the spasms when I do hard activities or do repetitve movements. Some of the spasms can be worked loose, but others never go away. I am hoping to go thru the MRI images with the OS to see if any of the spasms are showing up on the MRI. (Scar tissue or calcifications) If I can point out a knot on my leg and then have the OS look at that area on the images maybe we will be able to see something. I don't want to damage what I have left but I also don't want to give up all the activities I love!  It sounds like surgery is not a great option. It can't be "fixed" just cleaned up. Have I already done lots of damage because I delayed getting medical attention? ( that "abnormal marrow" thing has me concerned) the first bad fall that comes to my mind was in 2004, 6 years is a long time to wait to get something looked at. I don't go to the Doc just because of pain, I only go when there is something visibly wrong, like swelling, brusing, noises etc. I think my GP jumped to a wrong conclusion when I first went in, obviously just doing the exercises was NOT the right answer. Anybody have any thoughts or have similar issues? Thanks everybody this forum has been a big help.