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Author Topic: journey of bi-lateral derotational osteotomies of tibias for my daughter  (Read 47292 times)

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Hi everyone,  Just wanted to give an update.  So much has happened in the past year.  I met with royalty, spoke at a World Toilet Summit on Sanitation and Hygiene, worked with government regulators on changing the building codes to better support people with complex medical, disabilities, the elderly and parents of small children.  Set up a Charity called and developing a social enterprise.  Talked about toileting for people with mobility issues and am now changing the Human Rights Act.  I realised that the only thing limiting me was my belief in myself.  How my body functioned required some interesting strategies for going forward.  But without purpose, I was dying and giving up really wasn't an option.  So have a look at my webpage or or Facebook, see how despite pain and problems with my knees/legs/body I am going forward and empowering people globally.