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How quickly can I expect to be walking after a partial meniscus tear removal?

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Hi All,
I see many people on this board have had tears in their menisci fixed via arthroscopic surgery.  I am planning on having this surgery as well to clean out a tear in my medial meniscus.   I have read and been told by the nurse that surgery takes about ~45 mins.

My question is - How soon could you walk around on the leg after surgery?  Was it the same day or next day or ?   The nurse told me that patients usually walk out on crutches (or sometimes without), but I was wondering what actual patients have found in how quickly they can start walking around the house?   Were you able to go home and walk around on crutches or were you completely bedridden?

The reason I ask is that I've had a blood clot (DVT) before due to immobilization, and even though I will be taking precautions for post-op time, I need to get walking and moving as soon as I can.  Just wondering what to expect.

Thanks a lot !!

And the os knows of your prior DVT, correct?  Right knee - on crutches several days - just being cautious.  On left knee same thing - but then went to 1 - was more comfortable for for me since I'd had lateral, medical and a cyst removed.  The thing is to keep ahead of the pain curve for the first 48 or really 72 hours - healing time.  Pain med's lite tiny meals and ice packs - thats what you'll need.  Depending on your dressing you'll prob be able to do heal sides if the os allows.  Again, ask questions now because surgery day you'll forget everything.  eagle

I have had 3 arthroscopic menisectomies surgeries and 2 PKR and walked out without crutches with all of them the same day.  As mentioned you want to take your pain meds and then let pain be your guide for the amount of time you spend on your feet. The first day was pretty much to the bathroom and then back to bed but by the second day I was able to walk short distances several times a day without difficulty. Of course each person is different but you should be able to be up. And of course ankle pumps, quad sets and SLR are very important to do also.
Best of luck,

i walked out without crutches from both arthroscopic ops both of which involved meniscus removal.  A lot is to do with the individual and their pain threshold, as well as the individual doc and theie own protocol.


Thank you very much for your help and experiences with your tear removals.  I usually have a good tolerance for pain, so that combined with some meds and hopefully I can try to walk a little the first day and more the second. 

For the DVT, I will be giving myself a post-op shot everyday to keep the blood from clotting on me.  But, taking that means the only pain med I can safely take is Tylenol or equivalent (that darn DVT stuff complicates everything!! ;-) ).

Has anyone found that flexing the ankles (up and down like pressing on the gas pedal on a car) is tolerable while recovering in bed from this surgery?  This is a commonly suggested method to pump blood up through the leg.  I am thinking that if I can't walk as much as I want to, if I can at least pump my foot while laying down it will help circulation.

Thanks a lot!


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