Complex tear of medial meniscus


I've been dealing with moderate right knee pain for about 4 months and have an appointment with a sports doctor in a few days. The MRI found a complex, undisplaced horizontal tear of the posterior horn extending to the body of medial meniscus, exiting predominantly into the inferior articular surface and posterior aspect of the posterior horn with a vertical component present at the body of the medial meniscus.
From what I have read here it looks like I need surgery to prevent further damage and restore the knee to a more normal level of function. Any thoughts or advice?
I have gone through knee surgery 3 times in the last 18 years (twice for minor meniscus damage on left knee and once for minor meniscus damage + partial MCL tear on right) so I have a good idea what to expect from the surgery. Still can't say I'm looking forward to it though.

Hi Bob, welcome to the torn meniscus club. Sorry I can't answer your question, in fact I was just about to post just about the sane question myself ;D

I have now been limping around with this rotten knee for exactly a year this week, I eventually got my MRI on Nov 1st, and it shows a complex vertical tear of the posterior horn, medial meniscus. For the last year my Doctor, another Doctor and my OS on my first visit have all told me it was arthritis, so the MRI result was a bit of a shock. My PT though is saying I told you so, he's said all the way along that it was a tear.

During the year I've gone through all sorts of different pain levels, from hardly being able to walk, through being quite mobile, to currently having moderate pain. I'm not sure at the moment if my very conservative OS will want to operate, so like you I'm looking for opinions on if I should push for the operation, or is it a given? I don't want to carry on like this, but also am scared of starting on the whole surgery thing.

I wouldn't worry too much about the surgery if your OS thinks it is a good idea. I recovered really quickly the first two times. The third was a more complicated injury but I still returned to nearly full activity levels after about 5 months. I am meeting with my surgeon tomorrow to go over the MRI results.


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