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For anyone who has had to have an antibiotic spacer put in before a revision, can you walk with this in? Are you immobilized? How long do they keep it in? Six to eight weeks? Any input would be appreciated...


Hi Donna,
When my father had a Knee infection after bi-lateral TKR and he had the antibiotic spacer, his leg was immobilized and he was not able to walk.  Because of poor health and strength, he was also not able to walk on crutches.  He got around (in an acute rehab. facility) with a wheelchair. 
He had the spacer in for 8 weeks and was also on IV Vancomiacin during that time.
Hope that helps.


The leg is usually braced to keep it from bending, as there is no joint left in there. You can be up if u can keep the leg straight and use crutches. You just have to be really careful. Prior to removing the atb spacer, they have to make sure that there is no longer any infection.  Usually the OS puts in atb cement on the parts of the total knee when it is installed, to help prevent infection. Teresa

Thanks Shellie and Teresa...I am just so nervous. My OS is pretty sure that one of my components is too thick. But, when he goes back in there, before he can put in the new one,he needs to make sure that there is no infection, so his clinical asst. told me that from what he told her, the game plan is to put the antibiotic spacer in for 6-8 weeks, then aspirate to make sure all is good, then put in the new prosthesis. Im just very nervous. I can handle the immobilizer, I think, as long as I can be here at home....

Thanks again for your info. Its greatly appreciated. Ill let you know exactly what hes gonna do when I see him on the 27th of this month.


Donna good luck with all of this issue

we were talking in the hen house and you really need to chck in there lots of support and good answeres to your ?s
hugs to you


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