Hamstring Tendon Pain after TKR

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I have a problem!! The hamstring tendon on the lateral side of my knee is really hurting and hindering the way I can walk. My OS says it is irritated because of the way he had to move the bones around during surgery (ugh, I don't even want to know :-\). My PT says is it because the hamstring tendon is what keeps the knee from bending too far, and it is working overtime to compensate for my weak knee. All I know is that it hurts, and seems to be getting worse. Of course we're probably stressing it more and more as PT progresses. At first I can walk and it just hurts, but pretty soon I don't want to bend my knee far enough to lift my toes off the ground to bring my leg back forward for another heel strike. Has anyone else had this problem? Did it resolve? What did you do to help it heal?


knee deep in Goo:
Hi Janet

I have a black and blue on my medial hamstring.   It felt so sore all the time from add duction excercises and my PT massaged it and said it was stiff and she said her thumb caused the black and blue.   I can't feel anything on my lateral side whatso ever.  (Nerve was cut )

 I was talking to my OS and told him about my pains.  I also mentioned in the morning my pains seem to be pretty bad from being inactive overnight on the medial area.  He said that was my OA.   He had me discontinue PT  said it was agrivating me and wants me to start swimming.

He also put me on ultram 300  extended release to take once a day.   Plus pain meds for medium discomfort and high discomfort.  I seem to be sleeping better at night for the past two days. No staying up all hours, No ambiem.  Just good old sleep.  I also put a lidoderm patch on it.

The best thing is ice if the pain meds are not ceasing the discomfort and maybe use a cane or crutches if its that bad.   

My OS said to me it takes time for healing to happen.  I told him I know its a game of patients but I also know I dont want to sit and be in pain and not do things.. and be a hermit after PT.  He also asked why my PT was always pressing on my leg for extentsion.  He saw it was straight and reminded me its not a natural knee and should not be compared to my natural knee.  He also said if I was having a problem with extenstion  save a pt trip and lay on the bed and put a three pound weight and hang for ten minutes.

My Pt is always getting on me for kicking my foot out and not striking and not taking a bigger step.   I do the tread mill for five minutes  at a speed of 1.4 or 1.6 if I am doing pretty well.. NO incline at all.

I'm still at the point that when I'm walking with the walker, if I totally lift my toe off the ground to start another step, big ouch.  Long way to go I guess.  I'm doing heal/toe but not getting very far off the ground.


UK Girl !:
I had trouble with hamstring early on which eased much more at 4 weeks when I went to the gym every day - made a big difference - it was also bruised for sometime.

When I first had my knee done I found that the more I walked the easier it got -  was using one stick in the hospital before I left and I think it was just sheer bloody mindedness that kept me going - and some good meds ;D

I am sure a lot of it depends on how mobile and fit you were pre op as well - weak muscles would have become so much weaker poat op and subsequently take longer to build back up - keep persevering girls - you will get there!


I am still using a cane, and it helps. I'm trying not to lean on it too much, though. That's a bad habit to get into. I have full extension, so that's not a problem. I was also told not to compare my knees. I have a lot of hyperextension in my good knee, so I don't feel like my TKR leg is straight, but it is. The longer I'm on my feet, the harder it is to bend my knee. I'm also icing several times day....a gel pack under the knee and two big bags of frozen peas on top. The ice feels good! This hamstring tendon is driving me crazy, but I guess it will just take a long time to calm down.

Annie: My PT is always telling me to take smaller strides to keep better balance and better gait. It's interesting that your PT said to take bigger steps. I'm at about .9 or 1.0 speed on the treadmill, no incline. We are using it for "endurance" training. So far I'm up to 7 minutes at the end of my PT session. My leg gets tired very quickly, in about 30-40 minutes, so I have short PT sessions. I'm only at PT for about 45 minutes total.

Donna: Hang in there. You'll get off the walker soon. It's a slow process, but it does keep moving forward.

Thanks for your support, everyone. I guess I'm just impatient....or I want to know what every little and not so little pain is and when it will go away. I guess I just expected to be further along by 12 weeks.



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