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Hi all,

I have posted a few times over the last 6 months for an ongoing knee problem. starting at the begening i injured my left knee in march of this year coming down off a platform with a twisting action, first saw os in aprill who suspected a mensicus tear and ordered a mri also in aprill i had a fall down the stairs where my knee was bent back and forced to the side afterwards very painfull to weightbear to fully extend and to bend. I had the mri in july which  showed bone bruise but no mensicus tear.  Saw os again in august who said he could do nothing surgicaly with the bone bruise but has i still have knee pain he would go in and have a look around. Had knee arthroscopy this past monday and found out from the nurse afterwards that everything was normal. Has anyone had a bone bruise last this long and still cause problems like squating and not being able to bend knee all the way back although the knee is better than a few months ago i am suprised that nothing was found. I have been given home exercises to do and a follow up appointment with my os in 6 weeks which i assume will send me to pt has that is the only option left. To anyones knowledge on this board if a mensicus tear exists but does not show on the surface would the surgeon still find it has eversince the injury i have had clicking which is heard sometimes when wheight bearing from bent to straight it clicks fully straight and all the time when i whieght bear bend and straighten in one motion. sorry for the long post but i am at a loss as to what to do now.
Thank's for reading and if anyones been in the same situation please reply.


Bone bruise take long time to heal and if you're knee is swollen inside you can feel discomfort like clicking. I would try follow docs orders and let time heal it.
You can also always get a second opinion if you feel unsure about this doc.
Usually they are able to see everything when they go into the knee.
Maybe your pt can help you out with different treatments like ultrasound.
Wish you best of luck.


  I am in a similar situation.  I have had an MRI after an injury and was told it's bruised very badly. My thigh bone and tibial plateau. What exactly of yours are they saying bruised? I have not had an anthroscopy done.    I was just curious what was bruised of your bones in your knee?


Thank's for the reply.
I do not know exactly where the bone bruise is i should have asked my os but being from the uk i think they only tell you the minimum my os only told me i had a bone bruise with swelling and inflamation how long ago did you injury your knee are your symptoms starting to ease up. do you know if a person sustained a bone bruise and had a bone difencey of some kind then it could still be causing me problems.

Hi, my injury happened 5 weeks ago.  My problems are easing up to a point. I can walk around better now, but not 100%.   I have a limp b/c i cannot straighten my leg all the way. I cannot bend it all the way either--- without pain. The pain I feel when I do bend it is right down the middle of my knee (but deep inside the knee).  I am a lot better than I was 4 weeks ago, but still no where near 100%.    My knee gives out. It'll either buckle forward or I feel it fling itself backwards, which is irritating. It also pops a lot which is painful when it happens.

I don't know anymore about this injury.  I am learning too.  ;D 

Let me know what happens as I am curious what you find out. I'd ask your doc what exactly is bruised.


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