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Kneeling causes extreme burning pain to the outside of knee


Approximately 15 years ago I had a slight injury to my right knee playing racquet ball.  It was like a brush burn on the outside "bump" of my right knee.  It didn't stop me from doing anything the only result was when I kneel down with my knee on a hard surface (just the right way) I would experience and extreme burning pain shoting down the side of my knee.  It wouldn't last long but boy it hurt.  This condition lasted for a while then seemed to go away.  It re-occurs if I hit it the wrong way.

Now I am experiencing the same pain in my left knee (without having injured it).  If I kneel down and hit the exact spot I experience the most unbelievable burning pain on the outside of my knee.  Funny thing is my knee is strong and fully functional (my ice hockey playing has convinced me of that).  It's just when I kneel down and hit that one particular spot.  Otherwise there are no restrictions or pain.

I am about to take it to my doctor but wanted some information first.

Meniscus tears can happen without an injury. You can wake up one morning with a torn one usually in adults and not children. Your pain sounds like a tear. I would have it checked out for sure.

Sorry to hear about your problem.Anyhow
most probably could be menscus,as said before.If it hurts on the one particular place,so yeah,at certain move the loosen part gets stuck somewhere and so it hurts.Thats my oppinion,but i am no doctor for sure.


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