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poor circulation after knee surgery?


Hello all, So glad to have found this sight. I have learned alot from all of your comments. One thing I haven't read is, Those with a broken patella that had to keep leg immobile for so long, Did you have poor circulation in that leg and foot? PT seems to think it is normal, have call into OS now..  but thought I would like to hear if it was a normal thing with any of you Wasn't too concerned until I went to Emergency for infected toe. The ER Doc, was concerned about circulation and wanted me to see an internal medicine Dr. I don't need anymore Dr's messing with me if this seems to be the Norm. I broke my left patella  on July 24th, had surgery Aug 1st. Leg was immobile with no weight bearing until Oct 8th. Sept 7th was allowed to remove brace and do heel slides, but brace was only removed while exercising. Started PT around Oct 15th. Thank you in advance for any answers.

Bad circulation when not using the leg is very common, but it doesn't mean that your leg is bad due to that.
I use wheeler 100% and have bad circulation but nothing to worry about.
Though if your doc is concerned you better do as told and check it out.
Better be safe then sorrow !!


I suffered from poor circulation while I wasn't walking much it showed itself in my skin which was very dry and flaky but since I've been walking it has returned to normal so I'd guess it should be improving for you by now.


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