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vitamins/supplements to help heal bone bruise?


I have a bone bruise on my femur due to a partial dislocation of my kneecap during a dance class. Current treatment is lost of rest, elevation, ice when needed. Does anyone know if any vitamins or supplements that help speed up the healing of bone bruises? Thanks.


Maintaining a good diet certainly helps healing, but do not know what would help with the bone bruising....

It can take over three months to a year to fully heal a bone bruise.  It depends on how much bruising was done......


Because bone bruises are acute injuries, they are hard to prevent. If you have a bone bruise, there are a few things you can do to help treat the area.

Use ice on the bruise to reduce any possible swelling and to help it heal faster
Rest the area to promote healing
Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce pain

Good luck,


RGrelsamer, MD:
A bone bruise is essentially a black eye of the bone. It resolves in time. I agree that nutrition is important, but I'm not aware either of any nutritional supplement that speeds things up!

I have always found that ARNICA helps with any kind of bruising.  It can be taken internally as little pills or rubbed on as cream.

Good luck with everything.


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