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Question for Amazonia from Vancouver, Canada -- you mention in your post that you had a tibial osteotomy first to straighten things out - did this actually improve the appearance of your legs - i.e. less bowed?  Did your knees face inwards a bit when your feet were pointing straight ahead?  I have this problem and am trying to find surgeon in Canada to correct it finally.  Have endured lifelong sadness and embarrassment about this.  If any one reads this who knows of reputable surgeon IN CANADA, who peforms bow leg correction surgery, please advise.  Thank you.

Hello --

From your description, it sounds like our legs have a similar appearance.  I share your experience of life-long sadness and embarrassment.  I have been referred to a surgeon in Toronto who performs high-tibial osteotomies (Google the procedure), which seems to straighten the legs, but is usually done because of pain vs. appearance -- pain due to arthritis caused by misalignment of bones at the knee. You probably do not actually have bowed legs, rather a misalignment.  Check out the blog Not a Cow Girl -- a young woman shares her experience of bow legs and having them straightened. Because of her blog, I am hoping to have my legs straigtened too. She had her op. in Washinngton DC and is very happy with the outcome.  The Toronto surgeon is a Dr. Cameron out of Sunnybrook.  I am meeting him soon. I really hope that he appreciates the mental misery this condition has caused me all my life... and accepts that that pain is just as valid as the physical pain of arthritis that this condition can cause.  Good luck.


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