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Floating gristle in knee


I have what I think may be lumps of floating gristle  / bone / cartilage in my left knee. I saw a doctor a few weeks ago, who was in a rush and paid me no attention. I think it may be a chrondal defect, but it is on TOP of the patella and all research would suggest that floating cartilage in this instance would be between the patella and the bone?

Can anyone be of any assistance?

I had some stuff break off the back of the kneecap and it lodged itsself initially above the knnecap in the suprapatellar pouch. This is not over the kneecap, but above it further up the thigh. Do you have swelling there?

I had a scope to remove my loose body and clear the rest of the debris out in May. He also debrided(smooted off) the back of the kneecap where the bit has broken off. The loose bit was a pain as it kept the joint inflames and moved around, getting stuck in various places. Much better now it's gone.


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