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  1. Can patellofemoral pain sydrome cause nerve pain?
  2. MPFL Reconstruction
  3. Opposite knee(good knee) pain 8mo post op ACL Patellar autograph reconstuction
  4. Pain on outer side of knee (below knee area) - 4mos post op
  5. Knee Manipulation
  6. Knee is "catching" during flexion
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  9. ACL and Meniscus Surgery
  10. mpfl reconstruction post-op issues
  11. Pain down shin after ACL / Meniscus surgery
  12. Will PT help a bone bruise on my knee, and tear of my meniscus?
  13. knee locked?
  14. knee Hard to Bend After Quadricep Repair Surgery
  15. Sudden pain while turning leg outward
  16. 4 years post ACL - Do you think you can help?
  17. Swollen knee 5 months after broken patella/surgery
  18. URGENT (BASKETBALL SCHOLARSHIP) patellar tracking problems
  20. Denovo recovery
  21. Broken Patella Recovery Time
  22. Bilateral pt rupture sharpish pain
  23. drawer test after acl surgery
  24. Is this normal? Any advice please!
  25. acl and lcl reconstruction. knee giving way at the lcl after surgery
  26. Lateral tibial plateau fracture and sciatic pain
  27. Severe pain four days after menisectomy
  28. Can't bend knee 8 weeks post microfracture
  29. Inner Knee Pain - Sore to touch (please read)
  30. kill the nerves?
  31. Knee bone bruise/ osteonecrosis/ interosseous bruise
  32. Devilish pain on sit bone when doing ROM exercises after TPF
  33. 2 weeks post op DFO
  34. 4-8 week pt suggestions/experiences for nwb tibial plateau fracture?
  35. Nerve damage with severe pain in foot started 4 weeks post ACL & meniscus repair
  36. foot pain after return to weight bearing following knee surgery?
  37. Anyone had a sympathetic block after surgery?
  38. MOVED: When will it get better. Fractured patella in 4 places. 1 week post op
  39. Has anyone heard of this?
  40. MCL Grade 2 sprain- 11 weeks. Possible missed meniscus damage.
  41. healing time for partial meniscectomy
  42. Dealing with pain and sleepless nights following broken patella surgery
  43. Lateral Release and Partial Lateral Menisectomy
  44. Am I ever going to sleep
  45. Tibial Plateau Fracture recovery time??
  46. Stuck Range of motion 55
  47. Is cycling good for the vmo
  48. Knee Surgery
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