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  1. My experience so far (ACLr, Par. Lat Meniscectomy, MCL reattachment)
  2. Dr Dunn and IAGH
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  9. 3 months post-Op MPFL Reconstruction
  10. 3 weeks Post Op knee won't straighten out
  11. 3 hospitals and a walk in clinic later...
  12. DX: Medial Meniscus Mild Grade 1 Degenerative - maybe torn?
  13. It's not a new injury so it doesn't matter
  14. What is Grade 2 Chondral damage?
  15. What should I do next?
  16. ACL screw pain.
  17. Dull Posterior Knee Pain When Deep Squatting with Ankles Plantarflexed
  18. ACL Recovery
  19. What do you guys think it is? (1st thread)
  20. Doctoral student researching patient education for total knee replacement
  21. Total Knee replacement gone bad
  22. ACL recon plus meniscus tear nearly 6 weeks post op
  23. Icy leg and foot after knee dislocation
  24. well had meeting with operating man
  25. Possible torn meniscus
  26. KineSpring implant
  27. Need help with correct diagnosis
  28. OATS procedure 9 months post needed!
  29. knee locks up at
  30. Knee getting stuck
  31. How do Physically Active folks cope?
  32. New/old forum participant trying to find resources regarding PFPS
  33. MFPL reconstruction - how fast after can I go on vacation
  34. 2 weeks until open-wedge Distal Femoral Osteotomy!
  35. Re: ACL tear advice needed
  36. Hardware Rejection Surgery
  37. 10 Months RTKR Swelling and Cramping
  38. Graft from the other leg
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  40. ACL revision 12 weeks post op
  41. Tibial tubercle osteotomy
  42. Hurt my knee - Bone Bruise
  43. Pain and sleeplessness after ACL repair
  44. MRI Report - Interpretation?
  45. Knee pain since 2014, scans show nothing, 23 yr old
  46. ACL tear advice needed Copers
  47. Lump / Knot under knee scope incision site / portal
  48. has anyone had microfractur on medial crondial 2cm so thats 7/8 inch
  49. Loud popping noise from knee, now it feels "unstable". Hurts on outward rotation
  50. after opperation micro fracture surgery