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  1. Is it normal? (7 wks post. op)
  2. 6th wk of Physiotherapy don't have extension at 0 yet (ACLR + MCL surgery)
  3. Mucoid degeneration of the Anterior cruciate ligament
  4. Fat pad and plica removal
  5. Knee Pain and Swelling Behind the Knee
  6. Ossur Unloader One knee brace
  7. Osteo arthritis knee now giving out after corticosteroid inject and resuming gym
  8. Quad firing pattern and Chondromalacia Patella
  9. Weird feeling in knee, no pain though not affecting training/sport.
  10. small patella fracture
  11. total knee replacement following tibial plateau fracture
  12. Patella Cartilage damage - what is next? (MRI Pictures - page 2)
  13. Medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction
  14. Back of Knee Clicking, Minor Aches, Some Weakness.
  15. meniscus tear
  16. Torn MCL/ACL
  17. Wall squat exercise patellar injury
  18. Unlucky needs advice
  19. 4 days ago knee went pop on the court.
  20. knee locked even more?
  21. NewB!
  22. Pain 15 years post TTT need options
  23. 2 weeks after micro fracture surgery
  24. Tibial Plateau Fracture
  25. New Here ( 25 years old, 5 surgeries, ACL & FCL reconstruction)
  26. Need guidance 1 week out from surgery
  27. Damage to cartilage under knee cap
  28. Bucket Handle Lateral Meniscus Tear
  29. Fat Pad Impingement, Bakers Cyst
  30. Knee giving way
  31. Fever (100.4-102.2 F, 38-39 C) 3 weeks post surgery
  32. 4 weeks on and not sure what to do
  33. Knee problems/ swelling . What is going on with my knees? Any advice??
  34. MPFL surgery after 2 dislocations?
  35. I hit my patella after an mpfl (a little concerned)
  36. cartilage paste autograft and meniscal transplant in runner/cyclist?
  37. Lump pain post-ACL
  38. Dr Saw Stem Cell Treatment Cost
  39. Meniscus?
  40. I don't understand these terms.. help?
  41. Athlete seeking advice on when to undergo PKR?
  42. Experiences with Lateral Patella Facetectomy
  43. Need to make a decision
  44. Had MUA today...
  45. Pain 9months after ACL Recon
  46. Anyone NHS patients got experience of going to Europe for surgery
  47. Many diagnoses but no real answers
  48. MPFL PO 4weeks.. need advice/opinions!
  49. Torn Meniscus Repair Surgery
  50. Fell straight on knee, extremely painful when I move it.