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  1. What is a "release of injury?"
  2. Tear of ACL Reconstruction with few symptoms - MRI report
  3. acl manipulation
  4. Bilateral simultaneous ACL & MCL rupture
  5. Can't bend my knee completely after 1 year
  6. Grade two PCL tear
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  8. Don't know what is wrong....
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  10. Grade 2 chondromalacia
  11. Loud Painful pressure relieving popping at the back of knee, Shortened ligament?
  12. Possible re-tear of ACL (?)
  13. ACL reconstruction number 3 - anyone had it done?
  14. ACL reconstruction number 3 - anyone had it done?
  15. Did my acl graft loosen???
  17. Post ACL surgery. 6(ish) months
  18. Laxity/ loose acl
  19. Hamstring graft rigidness - tightness
  20. ACL Graft Tear?
  21. Hamstring regrowth anybody?
  22. Poss MCL damage
  23. can PRP heal ACL?
  24. Likely re-tear of ACL (1.5 year post-op), odd mri results
  25. ACL, PCL, MCL AND LCL damaged, anyone else???
  26. 5 days away from ACLr and new problem arises
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  28. ACL scarred onto PCL
  29. Well I got 17 years out of my ACL Revision - What next?
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  31. Continuing sport with a ruptured ACL
  32. Need some advice....1 week after ACL/PCL Reconstruction Arthroscopy
  33. ACL Knee Brace for Sports
  34. Problems with rehab 7 weeks after acl surgery
  35. Pain in back of knee 7 weeks post acl reconstruction using hamstring graft
  36. 19 months post ACL op with swelling issue
  37. ACL Surgery Advice
  38. LARS Ligament for LCl reconstruction
  39. Dislocated knee turned ACL tear?? Confused!
  40. MCL Grade 2+ tear and ACL Sprain - 10 months on
  41. patella tendon regeneration after Acl reconstruction
  42. ACL injury-Regenexx vs Surgery what to choose
  43. Knee pain and weakness feeling
  44. Knee locking/catching after acl recon. Is another op necessary?
  45. ACL injured in a reconstructed knee. Need help understanding MRI
  46. Can harvested Semitendinosus be attached back to Pes Anserinus surgically?
  47. Does ACL reconstruction have a protective benefit?
  48. ACL and Meniscus Injury
  49. Meniscus tear, gastrocnemius?
  50. Knee Pain 10 weeks post op