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  14. muscle/tendon "snap" or "catching" sensation inside knee
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  16. Quad tendinitis after TTT/MPFL reconstruction/VMO advancement
  17. Inner thigh issue 10mths post ACL
  18. Medial retinaculum tear
  19. Acl surgery extreme pain in front of knee
  20. Possible Arthroscopy-Opinions please! Quadriceps stuff attached into wrong place
  21. Post Surgery Question
  22. Patellar tendinitis following drilling
  23. Hamstring Issue after ACL
  24. Acl and meniscus post op pain
  25. Hamstring Wasting after ACLr - Please any ideas!
  26. Can tendinitis feel like nerve pain?
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  28. post surgical tendonitis? Plus weak quad.
  29. How do you know when a sprained knee is healed?
  30. hamstring issues after acl reconstruction
  31. Quad shortening
  32. Foam Rolling and Inflammation?
  33. Tendon stretching after Double Patellectomy
  34. Case Study - Distal hamstring tendonitis - Pes anserinus bursitis - more
  35. Surgery on a possible snapping biceps femoris tendon
  36. VMO issues
  37. TK knee sleeves
  38. Sprain after ACL surgery
  39. IT BAND Syndrome - 1year and counting
  40. Patellar Tedinosis with Quad Atrophy
  41. Still swelling 1 yr. post surgery
  42. Heavy Eccentrics to Heal Tendon?
  43. Losing weight to heal tendon??
  44. Quick question on quad rehab/ loose knee cap
  45. Post ACL replacement and Medial Meniscus repair surgery question.
  46. Would tensed up muscles benefit from IMS sessions
  47. Any doctors experts in tendonitis?
  48. Tendinosis treatment
  49. how do you develop strong patellar tendons??
  50. Torn ACL; concerned about Hamstring option