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  1. 12 year old been Diagnosed with EDS & Trochlear Dysplasia & Patella Alta
  2. Could this be ehlers danlos syndrome?
  3. postero medial ramp
  4. Does Hypermobile joints always lead to other probs
  5. is there any real benefit to formal diagnosis?
  6. post surgery laxity...
  7. I'm Looking for someone named Linds
  8. lax ligaments after TKR
  9. Diagnosis Question
  10. sudden onset of hypermobility
  11. Maltracking Frankenstein Knees
  12. Anyone whose had grafts fail repeatedly.....PLEASE help!!!
  13. Sorry long but need advise please
  14. my daughter is having bilateral tibial derotational osteotomy in 14 days
  15. looking for a doctor who understands HMS!
  16. hypermobility and joint replacements
  17. Hypermobility and Patellar Subluxation in a 4 year old
  18. Hypermobility and pregnancy
  19. How to get a diagnosis
  20. Hypermobility and Medial Subluxation... Suggestions?
  21. Hyper-mobility syndrome and Marfans syndrome operation question
  22. Tibiofibular Joint Instability
  23. Patella in slanted causes frequent dislocations, anybody else out there?
  24. Connective tissue disorder? TTT?
  25. MPLR a good idea?
  26. Did you have trouble recovering from general anaesthetic?
  27. Can you tolerate lying flat on your back? Any symptoms?
  28. Re-intro and questions
  29. Wrong Forum
  30. 15 hypermobile joints and bad back pain any link?
  31. Might this be EDS?
  32. Recommend a good OS for TKR revision for hypermobile EDS person?
  33. Anyone with Hypermobility Syndrome had their Sacroilliac joint injected?
  34. Hypermobile but not Hypermobility Syndrome?
  35. Finding it hard to cope
  36. EDS just diagnosed
  37. Hypermobility and Ankylosing Spondylitis?
  38. hypermobility & previous surgeries (big mistake)
  39. hypermobile/subluxing medial meniscus
  40. HMS without dislocations?
  41. Is there a benefit to a formal diagnosis?
  42. what options do i have left ? :(
  43. Ligmentous Laxity and repeated ACL failures
  44. 4 Joint Replacements later .. I have HMS
  45. not sure if dislocation or sublaxtion or none of above?
  46. acl surg with hypermobility
  47. 4 years of dislocations due hypermobility
  48. OS Finally Blames Hypermobility!!!!!
  49. Knee braces for hypermobile joints (skiing!)
  50. hypermobility and ACL tear